Adventure Books: A Journey Through Quests and Perils

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Adventure, a genre of books that has always fascinated us with the tales of perilous journeys, heart-pounding ventures, and explosive actions. Don’t you agree that whenever you laid your hands on adventure books, you could not budge from your place till the end of the story was reached? The protagonist sets out on ambitious quests, runs his life into risks and ultimately beats all the ordeals that come his way. Inspiring, eh? To have some of the greatest adventure books in your kitty, you can explore online bookstores. There are portals that offer such books at good discount rates. Here, we have listed top 5 books that you can look forward to read and have an awesome time.

    1. A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire (By George R.R.Martin) – A book that is hailed a masterpiece and is weaved nicely around mystery, fiction, and romance. There are plots of tragedy, treachery, madness, and terror all thrown in one. King Baratheon is unaware of the supernatural forces that have been brewing outside his kingdom until his new Hand Eddard comes to know about the dangers lurking up in dark. When the book was released, it soon became one of the best adventure books that were ever written.
    1. The Adventures of Captain Horn (By Frank Richard Stockton) – Caught in a brutal tornado that brings down the powerful merchant vessel Castor with its masts completely shattered, the four passengers including Captain Philip Horn, two women, and a boy find it impossible to reach their destination, namely, Valparaiso from San Francisco. Would they be able to make it or the deadly waves would swallow them? To know, read this classic that was first published in the 19th century.
    1. Quest: A Dane Maddock Adventure (By David Wood) – In the depths of Amazon, a group of people get vanished and no one has the slightest clue of how the tragedy took place. Dane and Bones are called upon a mission to delve into the depths of the secret that lies behind the journey of Percy Fawcett to Amazon. In their quest, they come to know about some hidden secrets that are now oblivion to everyone. To disclose the secret, they take the arduous journey through the islands of Atlantic and deep jungles of Amazon. One of the best adventure books that will puzzle you to no end.
    1. Hell’s Corner (By David Baldacci) – Unexpected turn of events takes place on the occasion of State Dinner meant to felicitate Oliver Stone, the Prime Minister of Britain. A bomb explodes in White House, thus turning heads and raising eyebrows. Mary Chapman, an agent is sent to look into the investigation, but no one knows that she has a hidden agenda of her own. As the things unfold, a few surprise findings indicate that the plan of the attackers was not the actual one: they had something else on their mind.
  1. Empire of Gold (By Andy McDermott) – A novel by the bestselling author brings out the great adventurous journey of the two characters, namely, Eddie Chase and Nina Wilde. They are on a mission to solve one of the ancient puzzles of the history: the magical El Dorado. On their way, they have to face too many death traps, drug lords and other relentless people who would go to any length to have that treasure. One of the adventure books that you will keep you engaged till the very last.
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