Celebrate the Advantages of Twin Centre Holidays!

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The advantages of twin centre holidays are that they give you the chance to double your chances of getting exactly the right holiday for you, even if one of the locations is not exactly all that you expected it to be. Even if the location that you have chosen for your vacation excels in one of the requirements for your perfect holiday, it may not be able to satisfy you in another area.

Consider for a moment that you decide that you want to stay in a location with outstanding natural beauty, that has fantastic shopping facilities and an extraordinary night life, offers you access to historic treasure from the past and has wonderful beaches on hand as well, where would you go? As you will realise to find such a place will tax the most experienced tour operator to the limits and even then they will find it difficult to find what you are after in one place.

The correct answer that you will be given is to plan on a twin centre holidays agenda. Essentially this means that you will be staying in more than one location. You will need to prepare to stay in two hotels in two different locations, sometimes inside the same country. You could also consider that combining a cruise together with some days in a fixed location will be able to provide you with exactly what you have been looking for from your twin centre holidays. The core benefit of twin centre holidays is that you get a double bite of the cherry and can get the maximum value from you available vacation time by combining several different holiday experiences into one complete holiday package.

By making a careful plan and itinerary for your twin centre holidays you can reap a number of benefits that make them better than a single location holiday. First of all while you will be spending some time moving from one location to the other during your twin centre holidays, the actual amount of travel time spent will be less than that required should you travel from your home location to the first holiday location and return home before travelling again from home to your second holiday destination in the same country or on the same continent and then returning home.

You will find that if, for example you are planning twin centre holidays in Italy and want to visit Rome and then Florence that the trip between the two cities can be made by high speed train the “Frecca Rossa” in a few hours or by hiring a car. You will be able to get the benefit of enjoying all that both these cities have to offer but only need to make one outbound flight to Italy and one return flight. Consider for a moment that as you are flying less to achieve your holiday goals that you are burning fewer air miles and therefore causing less damage to the environment. You could, correctly, consider this a win-win situation, and better still it is cheaper for you in the long run.

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