Taxis – Car Rental Safety And More When Traveling

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When traveling it is important to prepare in advance and to be travel savvy so you can make the most of your trip. Here are a couple of suggestions that will help with your safety and so it is not so obvious that you are tourist.


When using a taxi, check to see if there is a meter, if not ensure you negotiate a reasonable fare before leaving in the taxi. This is important so there are no surprises or round trips to up the fare. Hotel staff can generally call a cab and advise of a reasonable rate to your destination.


When renting a car before you leave the rental booth, check where you are going and how to get there. Either print off a map from your computer before you leave home, get a map and directions from the rental staff, or use your cell phone as a GPS if it has the service. Even better if the rental car has a GPS system in the car.

This is of particular importance as many a traveler has landed in trouble as a result of getting lost or by driving into unsavory areas by mistake. Know where you are going and how to get there.

Most rental car do not now advertise they are rental cars on the plates as they did previously.

Make sure any luggage is hidden from view when stopping at a restaurant etc. In other words don’t advertise that you are a tourist in a strange city.


Before leaving on your trip research your destination. Learn a little about the culture so you can dress and conduct yourself accordingly and maybe avoid undue attention. Show respect for the culture of the country in which you are traveling and they will show your respect and hospitality in return.


Take time to check out your camera before traveling, its always good to have a camera on hand and ready to use. Ensure you have the following:

* Sufficient batteries for your trip or a battery charger

* Sufficient Memory Cards

* The camera downloading cord if required

* Sufficient CD’s or DVD’s to transfer your photos to if you don’t have your computer with you as you can still download your photos to Discs at an Internet Cafe.

Don’t give your camera to a stranger to take a picture, particularly in a crowded area. They could take off with your camera, or in the case of some sites ask for a tip for taking your picture. Don’t leave your camera bag unattended while taking photos.

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